Numera Libris

Numera Libris is 2.6 x 1.6 inches
Numera Libris + Charger

Numera Libris gives today's active seniors and their families freedom, security and the ability to manage their health at home or away - because life doesn't always happen within the confines of the home. Unlike traditional PERS, which targets elderly individuals who tend to be homebound, this mobile solution offers true independence and freedom for the healthy aging population.

Numera Libris, a whole new category of device, integrates safety and health monitoring capabilities in one small, easy-to-wear mobile device. Libris is designed for instant hands-free communication, automated fall detection, location services and remotely managed two-way voice communication.



  • Expand your portfolio and increase your RMR
  • Personal safety and health monitoring in a mobile solution
  • Enables monitoring both in and outside the home
  • Quickly operationalized
  • Training, marketing and technical support
  • A product roadmap that ensures continued upsell opportunities


The Numera Libris platform will evolve to deliver more comprehensive personal health capabilities. Longer term, it will allow an individual to upload biometric measurements from a selection of Bluetooth-enabled wireless health devices and securely send that information through Numera’s telehealth+telecare platform to their health care team, including family, friends, and health care professionals.