Upgrade Your PERS Customers to 4G LTE

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All major network carriers in the US, including AT&T and Verizon, have announced they will soon discontinue 3G services and transition to 4G LTE networks. Carriers are not allowing any 3G activations or re-activations and are strongly encouraging users to upgrade their devices before 3G service is discontinued. For AT&T, the sunset of 3G service is expected to happen as early as February 22, 2022, with Verizon no later than December 31, 2022.

While previous PERS devices communicate using CDMA and 3G (GSM) technologies, 4G LTE is the higher performance next generation technology offering faster, more efficient, and stronger broadband services consumers have come to demand. This 4G network provides infrastructure that allows PERS devices to interact with emergency services via the monitoring service provider (MSP). The network plays an essential role in the ability to send push fall detection and other alert notifications, firmware updates, and device information needed by the MSP for emergency services. With an upgrade, Libris, 4200X, and legacy PERS customers can take advantage of the higher performance found in 4G LTE – faster, more efficient, and with better nationwide coverage. Offer available while supplies last through December 31, 2021.​

Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your Numera customers with our state-of-the-art 4G devices. The Numera Libris 2 AT&T Verizon mPERS and PERS4200X AT&T 4G LTE module products deliver the personal security assurance trusted throughout the US. Take advantage of this offer before December 31, 2021.

Earn a $15 RebateEligible Rebate Products
Earn a $5 RebateEligible Rebate Products


Register for the program with Nortek Control at the link below. You’ll need to submit a W9 to receive the rebate.

For Libris Units
  • Deactivate your old Libris 1.x 3G units during the quarter.​
  • Purchase and activate an equivalent number of Libris 2 4G units (S20-2019 or S20-2019V).​
  • Nortek will send a quarterly rebate check of $15 per unit for each Libris 2 unit purchased and activated with a corresponding Libris 1.x 3G unit deactivated during that quarter.
For 4200X LTE Modules
  • Before the end of the quarter (September 30, 2021, or December 31, 2021), complete two tasks:​
    1. Email an excel worksheet (.xls format) list of IMEI’s deactivated for that period and​
    2. Purchase orders for and equivalent number of LTE modules (AAE00464) to Numera.Orders@nortekcontrol.com.​
  • Customers with legacy console products SSC00072, SSC00078, PERS2400, PERS3600, or PERS4200 who upgrade to a 4200X console will receive a rebate by completing two tasks:​
    1. Email an excel worksheet (.xls format) list of serial numbers of old consoles replaced during that period and​
    2. Purchase orders for new consoles to Numera.Orders@nortekcontrol.com.​



For more information, please contact your local sales lead

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