Millions of seniors use the Numera® Libris® 2 mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) device every day. They rely on this valuable device to detect and report incidents, communicate events to family members, and much more. Our advanced technology works hard to ensure the safety and well-being of each wearer.

However, the Libris 2 mPERS device is more than just a fall detection device. By using the associated online portal, EverThere, that is integrated with every Numera mPERS device, users get access to additional geo-location and care capabilities.

How Does EverThere Provide Added Peace of Mind?

As a cloud-based, API portal, EverThere provides comprehensive and indispensable dashboard information for those managing the health and safety of individuals using the Libris 2. Data is collected through the Libris 2 mPERS fall detection device, which operates as a gateway and wirelessly connects to the browser interface. EverThere also integrates personal safety and emergency response with proactive, socially engaging services. This allows the portal to continuously collect activity data and event notifications from the device. The important EverThere features include:

  • Location of the device
  • GPS waypoints the user has traveled
  • Signal and battery strength
  • Ability to send event notifications to care team through e-mail or SMS
  • Find Me Now feature

“Find Me Now” Feature Delivers an Extra Level of Security 

The EverThere portal Find Me Now feature allows the device to be found from within the portal, providing an extra level sense of security to all parties involved. Here’s how it works:

  • A family member or caregiver with access to the EverThere portal logs in to the portal
  • Using the green button within the portal connects the authorized user to the Find Me Now functions
  • Once the Find Me Now button is activated, this then prompts the Libris® 2 mPERS to turn on and play a chime so it can be located

A great example of this feature in action is demonstrated by a woman using the Libris 2 who was walking her dog. The woman ran into her friend while she was out. They sat at the dog park for a while and soon, two hours had passed. The woman’s husband grew concerned and headed to the dog park. He was easily able to use the Find Me Now feature to locate his wife via the chime.

The additional peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are safe is the priceless value delivered with the Numera Libris 2 mPERS pendant and the many special features of the EverThere portal.

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Give the gift of peace of mind with the Numera® Libris® 2 mPERS device! 

The holidays are excitedly approaching. Wouldn’t it be nice to give that active senior you love a Libris® 2 device so they can worry less about their safety and well-being in case of an emergency? In past years, the holidays have meant gathering with loved ones, exchanging gifts and spending quality time together. Since this holiday season is like none we have experienced before, we want to remind families that the Libris 2 mPERS device can be a real help in providing added security and peace of mind when you’re away from your senior family members.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different ways you can ensure your loved ones stay safe from afar with our best-in-class mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS).

Easily Stay Connected

Millions of seniors use the Numera® Libris 2 device every day and rely on the industry’s most advanced features to stay connected to their loved ones, including:

  • Advanced Fall Detection Technology: We use the latest algorithms to sense falls based on real human falls. This enables the device to accurately recognize a fall versus when the device is dropped on the ground. Users also get added reliability and sensitivity through the four fall sensors in every Libris 2 product. With far less false positives, users get extra confidence to go about their day.
  • EverThere® Cloud-Based Portal: The EverThere portal is integrated into all Libris 2 devices. The EverThere portal is designed with enhanced features that provide an all-in-one mobile health, wellness and personal safety solution. Users experience a proactive and socially engaging solution that monitors and tracks their movements.
  • Two-Way Communication: When a fall is detected, the Libris 2 device quickly and automatically calls the dispatcher providing two-way communication. Even if the user is unable to call for help themselves, the device will initiate communication and alert emergency help if necessary.

Showing you care for your active senior family member is easy this holiday season. The Libris 2 mPERS system gives you and them confidence they’re in good hands regardless of location. If you’re interested in a Libris 2 mPERS for a loved one, contact Chris Hart at to get started today!


Active seniors make up a large portion of the senior population. According to the AARP, there will be more people over the age of 65 by 2035 in the U.S. than under 18. But what constitutes an active senior? The definition of an “active” older adult has changed over the past few decades. Where it used to be about activities which required little to no physical activity, seniors are now re-learning hobbies and participating in more athletic events whether they’re mild or more vigorous. As more seniors become active for longer periods of time, they are able to stay healthier, extend their lifespan and increase their overall wellbeing.

Added Peace of Mind

Another key factor in boosting active senior morale is the Numera® Libris® 2 mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) device. The key word here is “mobile” because the advanced technology within the Libris 2 helps keep track of the person’s whereabouts. Wearing the pendant allows active seniors to have peace of mind – in the case of an event, they can press the call button and instantly be connected to a dispatcher. Take a look at the many ways our Libris 2 mPERS system helps active seniors:

  1. Advanced Fall Detection – The Libris 2 mPERS utilizes cutting-edge motion detection technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) with a 90% accuracy rate. Plus, its advanced technology is able to accurately classify types of falls enabling it to significantly reduce false positives.
  1. Rapid Response Times – Statistics show that 88% of people survive falls if they receive help within the first 72 hours. If an active senior is out and experiences a fall, they can rely on the Libris 2 device to connect them to first responders quickly. 
  1. Aging in Place – Customers get the added confidence and assurance from the knowledge that they have the best fall detection mPERS capabilities. Having this confidence allows them to live at home longer and enjoy their independence. 
  1. Care Virtually Everywhere – Regardless of location, seniors can trust the dependable 24/7 connectivity available with the Libris 2 mPERS via a mobile monitoring service. They are able to easily connect to help through multiple capabilities including hands-free, two-way calling and a strong transmission strength, which works through thick walls or wooded areas.

For more information, be sure to download a free copy of our fall detection white paper!

Jennifer Kent, from the Connected Health Summit, caught up with our Sr. Director of Health & Wellness, Stephen Burd, on the state of the market. View the video here to see how this year has affected the senior population and places where technology can play a valuable role amidst these changes.

There are a number of different mobile personal emergency response systems on the market today, here are some key ways to differentiate the Libris® product with EverThere platform.

Today’s PERS are largely reactive, home based, and lack solutions to promote healthy and social living. Numera Libris is the first all-in-one mobile, proactive, personal health, wellness and safety solution. Libris is also a personal health gateway, wirelessly connecting with personal medical devices, collecting and sharing activity and health data.



Nortek Security & control Rebrands as Nortek Control

Nortek Security & Control LLC reintroduced itself today as Nortek Control. The change comes amid some sizable growth and innovation as the business evolves from a manufacturing-focused company to delivering technology solutions for its global customers.

Read more from Connected Design.

The Numera® brand is the number one provider of mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) to independent dealers nationwide. The Numera® Libris® 2 mPERS is a state-of-the-art device that offers competitive and unique features including fall detection, two-way audio, location detection, and more!

Becoming a Dealer comes with a number of benefits:

  • Fast Results: There’s no installation or extra field time needed. You’ll have the ability to double your profit over competing mPERS units in just 8 months with all the features activated.
  • Easily Marketable Product: We offer the most advanced fall detection, intelligent accessories, and new cloud platform features which enable family members, friends and caregivers to keep in touch with your customers.
  • Exclusive Partnerships: We have partnerships with multiple monitoring service partners and distributors that support health and wellness throughout the United States and Canada. Through these partnerships, we help deliver measurably better health.
  • Resources: As a dealer, you’ll gain access to free trainings, webinars, sales support and marketing materials.

Sign up to become a Dealer today and you’ll gain access to marketing and training materials, product guides and manuals, FAQs and more!

Follow these three simple steps to become a Dealer for the leading provider in mPERS technology: 

  1. Register: Register at and fill out the form.
  2. Select an MSP: In order to monitor your accounts, you must select an MSP. We offer two types of Central Stations; one that bills for our monthly services and one that does not bill for our services (and we’ll bill the dealer directly).
  • Note: In selecting an MSP that does not bill for Numera services directly, you will have to fill out our credit card authorization form and sign an online reseller’s agreement.
  1. Attend Dealer Training: Next, you’ll receive a link to sign up for free training! Trainings are typically 90 minutes and are held every Wednesday and Thursday.

That’s It! After you have completed your training, we will verify your organization is set up with an approved MSP. This is where you will be provided login credentials to the Numera dealer portal. Please allow 1-2 business days after training to receive your login information. Note: The entire process may take 1-2 weeks, so please allow adequate time for on-boarding.

Help your customers take charge of their health by selling Numera Libris 2 mPERS today!

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The Numera® Libris® 2 mobile personal emergency response (mPERS) offers seniors peace of mind through our industry-leading fall detection pendant. Packed with top-notch technology, the Libris 2 mPERS supports active seniors with fall detection, rapid response rates, GPS location tracking, and much more.

The National Council on Aging states that 12 million people, roughly one in four older adults, fall every year in the United States. Unfortunately, incidents like this account for 70 percent of accidental deaths among seniors. However, studies show that 88 percent of people survive falls if they receive help within 72 hours. This is where the Libris 2 mPERS devices play an important role by detecting and alerting someone the user has fallen.

Faster Response, Better Outcome

The advanced technology of the Libris 2 device detects when a fall takes place and connects the user to an agent who will then alert the authorities so help can be sent right away. In our new white paper, we detail the unique capabilities of our fall detection pendant as well as the various technology that works to ensure quick response times. For example, we offer dependable 24/7 connectivity via mobile monitoring service that includes such strong transmission, it works even in remote locations.

By reading our white paper, you’ll learn how our advanced technology accurately classifies types of falls and significantly reduces false positives to reduce repetitive alerts to the end-user. Gain peace of mind for you or a loved one and see the benefits of the Numera® mPERS device.

Learn more today!

There are millions of lone workers around the world who are at risk of being subjected to an injury or violence on the job. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are over 694,000 reports of violence in the workplace and nearly 7,500 falls that occur per year. Mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) devices such as the Libris® 2 mPERS offer peace of mind for lone workers in situations such as these with our advanced fall detection, rapid response rate and EverThere web portal. Let’s take a deeper look at the many ways the Libris 2 device can provide extra support and security for lone workers.

Defining the Lone Worker

First, it’s important to understand who falls under the “lone worker” category. The lone worker is anyone who carries out a work activity away from co-workers and without close or direct supervision. However, lone workers are not always those working in complete isolation. When identifying those in the lone worker category, it is important to consider the various situations one may find themselves in, such as:

  • Social workers, home healthcare providers, and realtors who visit clients in their homes.
  • Construction workers, teachers and students who work in a secluded area, or alternately large, noisy environments who may have trouble calling for help.
  • Retail workers, hospitality workers, and security guards working with the general public are at risk due to the large number of people in these spaces.
  • On-The-Road workers including taxi/Uber/Lyft drivers, business travelers, and delivery drivers run a risk of road and traffic accidents that may lead to aggression.

Advanced Technology and Key Features

The Libris 2 mPERS device provides lone workers with the confidence to know they can call for help at any time. When the panic button is pushed, or a fall is detected, the device’s location and status is provided immediately to a call center dispatch station. The worker will then be connected to a trained response agent who can notify authorities and send help right away to the worker’s exact location. Some key benefits include:

  • A panic button for immediate help
  • Advanced fall detection technology triggers an alert without any manual intervention
  • Automatic location coordinates sent to the call center
  • Two-way voice calling to confirm incident
  • Audible or discrete alerts

Increased Visibility for Employers

The Libris 2 fall detection device provides end-users and their employers with additional reassurance through the use of our cloud-based, API portal EverThere. The portal enables multi-person and secure care coordination with people you can rely on. Employers are able to create check-ins with employees to ensure their safety if they have been at a job site for too long. Through the portal, employers can view the location of the device, GPS waypoints the employee has traveled, device status such as signal and battery strength, and much more! Customization is offered through the EverThere portal as well, such as white labeling. White labeling allows a customer to label the portal with their logo, so the portal is unique for each specific customer.

Added Benefits

The Numera brand from Nortek Security & Control has been producing industry-leading fall detection devices since 2014 with the goal to empower users to be independent and feel safe. We allow the flexibility for customers to choose from a large variety of monitoring service partners and have a large dealer and distributor network.

For more information on our advanced fall detection, download your free copy of our new whitepaper. View our library of blog content and sign up for our newsletter, The Independent, for industry-related news and updates!

With Stay at Home Orders still in place due to COVID-19, the event industry is in a bit of a stand still. In strong efforts to flatten the curve, most spring and summer events have been cancelled or postponed in order to comply with state and federal guidelines. While we wait and see what future events will hold, we wanted to give a quick overview on a much-anticipated health and wellness conference later this year.

While there is still uncertainty around the what the world will look like come September, the Connected Health Summit released a statement earlier this month that they’re going virtual. Connected Health Summit, a Parks Associates event, is set to host leaders from the connected devices and IoT healthcare solution space for a 3-day executive summit. The event focuses on how the healthcare market can use smart home solutions to improve the quality of life. The agenda covers topics from independent living smart home opportunities, to Artificial Intelligence and personalization in connected health, and more.

As a leader in the wearable device industry and a proponent of aging in place, we are thrilled to sponsor this event. Numera is dedicated to creating advanced, easily implemented technologies that allow monitoring service providers and health-related companies create personal safety, health & wellness tracking, and wellness related social engagement services for their customers.

For more information regarding the event, and for any schedule updates, make sure to visit their website and follow them in real-time on Twitter at @CONN_Health_Smt.