Numera® Libris 2® with EverThere® integrates personal safety and emergency response for active seniors and lone workers.

FALL DETECTION: The Numera Libris 2 provides high quality fall detection capabilities, now with 4G/LTE cellular connectivity.

PROACTIVE WELLNESS: Keep family members and healthcare providers better informed with location services, event notifications, medical alert services, and faster emergency communication with your call center.


The Libris 2 provides peace of mind for “Lone Workers” — those who work in solitary or vulnerable environments, such as hotel and casino workers, home health providers, power/cable line workers and many more.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DISCREET: Libris 2 pendant is a durable, water-resistant device that can be worn on a belt or around the neck under clothes for easy and hidden accessibility.

EMPLOYER UPDATES: EverThere provides employers with crucial information and updates to be more certain where employees are located during the workday and possible emergency situations.


Numera Libris 2 is the next generation of mobile, all-in-one health, wellness, and personal safety solution, and continues to improve on top-quality fall detection technology.

AT HOME AND ON THE MOVE: Libris 2 is 4G/LTE-connected and GPS enabled, giving you excellent cellular coverage to find your exact location quickly.

PEACE OF MIND: Keep loved ones and healthcare providers aware and informed on your next adventure or trip alone. Whether you or a loved one are fall-prone, or simply need added security, Libris 2 brings more confidence that emergency service providers are better equipped to know when and where a fall occurs.


Today’s personal emergency response solutions are largely reactive, home based, and lack solutions to promote healthy living. We at Numera are convinced that to live longer, healthier lives, the solutions must allow for proactive engagement and early intervention.

Numera’s proactive wellness solutions allow users to integrate their Numera Libris mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Response system) device and the Numera EverThere web-based platform to provide family and caregivers updates and feedback about the health of users. Libris® helps our customers be proactive in their care and create routine check-ins that can help to lessen emergencies and allows for more social engagement. Our solutions provide a more complete picture of overall health and wellness, while also reducing the financial burden on caregivers.

We also acknowledge seniors’ desire to live mobile and active lives while feeling safe. Our solutions are multi-functional and cellular-based, providing tools for both personal security and virtual care, at home or on the go.


Mobile technologies hold great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases, and lowering healthcare costs.

We believe that Numera should be considered by CIOs, CMIOs and CMOs at HDOs that are seeking to improve the care of chronically ill individuals.

Numera supports “care anywhere” — from sophisticated “smart mode” fall detection to at-home Bluetooth biometrics to the expected emergency response at the touch of a button.