Sensors & Wearables

Companion Pendant

The new Numera® Companion Pendant combines independence and safety advantages with health benefits offering a new level of convenience. The Companion Pendant (HALOBLETX-N) is a small button device that will call for help via the Numera® Libris 2 when your customers need help. It can be worn around the neck or on the wrist – and is water resistant.

4200x LTE 4G Module

With the early-2022 3G sunset announced by the major US carriers, all 3G services will be terminated. To address this sunset, Numera has launched 4G wearable medical devices that can be purchased as part of a new system, or is backward compatible with the 4200x 3G module.

The Numera PERS-4200X console comes with an optional add-on 4G LTE module. This continuous monitoring medical device addresses the new Feb 2022 3G sunset issue to enable 4G wireless connections (PERS-LTEA-4200X, PERS-LTET-4200X).

Home Safety Hub Wearables

Numera Wearables are designed with safety and mobility in mind. The appealing, comfortable design of our help buttons encourages usage at all hours promoting around-the-clock protection. All medical wearable technology devices are durable, shock and water resistant (IPx7) with long lasting battery that is care-free for years.

2GIG-F1-345 with built-in accelerometers and a completely sealed design is leveraging Numera’s proprietary fall detection algorithms and fall assessment capabilities. 2GIG-PHB1-345 is compatible with the Numera PERS-4200X and can be worn around the neck with the included lanyard or on the wrist (also included).

The wristband is ideal for night use if you are looking for a medical wearable device that includes a built-in sensor. This emergency medical alert device helps with 24-hour remote monitoring and is an excellent tool for anyone who lives or works alone.

Home Safety Hub Sensors

The Numera Safety Hub provides a home safety ecosystem: delivering user and environmental data to a user’s family and care team. The data hub connects with 2GIG home sensors: 2GIG-SMKT3-345 Smoke, Heat and Freeze Detector, 2GIG-CO3 Carbon Monoxide Detector and variety of activity sensors (including 2GIG-PIR1-345, 2GIGDW10-345, and 2GIG-DW40-345) Both environmental and automatic fall detector sensors wirelessly summon help even if you can’t press the button or call for help. Using a wearable sensor serves as an excellent monitoring device for any older adult who may be prone to falls or for those who want to be best prepared for a medical emergency.

Numera Wall-Mount Help Button (2GIG-WMT1-345) is a perfect monitoring medical device to complement your Numera PERS-4200X panel. Help Button is designed to be installed and used in places where emergency calls often take place i.e. next to the bed, or in the bathroom. Help Button comes with two design options: blue shaded help button or alternate red help button. Expected range varies from 500 feet (2GIG system) up to 1000 feet (with PERS-4200X) line of sight with each healthcare device.