How to Buy


The Numera solution consists of the Numera device, the Numera portal, and several partners who enable the solution to work. The Distributor supplies product. The Dealer finds and sells to customers. Monitoring Service Partner (MSP) provide response monitoring services.

Numera Solution overview


Distributors supply products to Dealers. Larger Dealers receive devices directly from Numera.

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Dealers advertise to and sell to customers. They send devices to customers and monitor them through the Numera portal. They bill and ensure customer needs are met.

Why Become a Dealer


Monitoring Service Partners (MSPs) provide response monitoring services for our products. They are staffed by 24/7 operators who are specially trained to take calls, triage emergency situations, and take appropriate actions to support customers, whether they are elderly individuals, discharged patients, lone workers, or caregivers.

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Where to Buy

Numera is proud to partner with organizations that support health and well being worldwide. Working together, we augment product and service offerings ranging from industry-leading Mobile PERS & PERS solutions, telehealth platforms and social engagement tools. Through these partnerships, Numera helps to deliver measurably better health.