What Is

EverThere® is a cloud-based app that integrates data with Libris to provide a user-friendly, comprehensive dashboard for those managing the health and safety of Libris users. Data is collected through Libris, which operates as a gateway and wirelessly connects to the browser interface. This allows EverThere to collect activity data and event notifications from the device continuously. The platform gives control for personalized notifications, activity tracking, and real-time and previous location histories. EverThere integrates personal safety and emergency response with proactive, socially engaging services.


EverThere enables multi-person, secure care coordination with people you can count on: family members and caregivers can stay connected to their loved one and employers can stay informed about the wellbeing and safety of their staff.

  • Quickly see an overview of activity for the day, week, or month to better understand how an elderly loved one is doing when alone.
  • Create check-ins with employees to confirm their safety when they have been at a site longer than expected.


The EverThere cloud-based platform receives status updates from the Libris to provide users with real-time data and locations. View the dashboard, update notifications preferences, and pinpoint the Libris user’s location in and outside the home. Over-the-air software updates with the Libris® and EverThere provide added, future capabilities.

EverThere is optimized to work with most platforms (iOS, Windows, Android) and most devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).


EverThere’s intuitive interface is designed to simplify and support the caregiving process and coordination by connecting the family and caregiver with the senior. Users select the services they need, and change access rights of the team members.

EverThere provides personalized notifications to family members and caregivers when measurements exceed pre-defined targets, device battery is low, or where the trend indicates a potential problem, while keeping everyone on top of an individual’s care, even from a distance.


EverThere promotes proactive wellness through health tracking and social engagement by providing customizable notifications for location information, activity levels and emergency notifications.

Ongoing visibility to the individual’s health and safety status keeps everyone aware and engaged. By tracking activity and location information, users can recognize when something is out of the ordinary and quickly respond.

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Mobile technologies hold great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases, and lowering healthcare costs.”

— Bill Lyon| Former President, Visonic, Americas