Rapid Response Times Users Can Rely On

Matt | July 30, 2020

The Numera® Libris® 2 mobile personal emergency response (mPERS) offers seniors peace of mind through our industry-leading fall detection pendant. Packed with top-notch technology, the Libris 2 mPERS supports active seniors with fall detection, rapid response rates, GPS location tracking, and much more.

The National Council on Aging states that 12 million people, roughly one in four older adults, fall every year in the United States. Unfortunately, incidents like this account for 70 percent of accidental deaths among seniors. However, studies show that 88 percent of people survive falls if they receive help within 72 hours. This is where the Libris 2 mPERS devices play an important role by detecting and alerting someone the user has fallen.

Faster Response, Better Outcome

The advanced technology of the Libris 2 device detects when a fall takes place and connects the user to an agent who will then alert the authorities so help can be sent right away. In our new white paper, we detail the unique capabilities of our fall detection pendant as well as the various technology that works to ensure quick response times. For example, we offer dependable 24/7 connectivity via mobile monitoring service that includes such strong transmission, it works even in remote locations.

By reading our white paper, you’ll learn how our advanced technology accurately classifies types of falls and significantly reduces false positives to reduce repetitive alerts to the end-user. Gain peace of mind for you or a loved one and see the benefits of the Numera® mPERS device.

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