The Benefits and Steps to Become a Dealer of Numera® mPERS

Matt | September 14, 2020

The Numera® brand is the number one provider of mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) to independent dealers nationwide. The Numera® Libris® 2 mPERS is a state-of-the-art device that offers competitive and unique features including fall detection, two-way audio, location detection, and more!

Becoming a Dealer comes with a number of benefits:

  • Fast Results: There’s no installation or extra field time needed. You’ll have the ability to double your profit over competing mPERS units in just 8 months with all the features activated.
  • Easily Marketable Product: We offer the most advanced fall detection, intelligent accessories, and new cloud platform features which enable family members, friends and caregivers to keep in touch with your customers.
  • Exclusive Partnerships: We have partnerships with multiple monitoring service partners and distributors that support health and wellness throughout the United States and Canada. Through these partnerships, we help deliver measurably better health.
  • Resources: As a dealer, you’ll gain access to free trainings, webinars, sales support and marketing materials.

Sign up to become a Dealer today and you’ll gain access to marketing and training materials, product guides and manuals, FAQs and more!

Follow these three simple steps to become a Dealer for the leading provider in mPERS technology: 

  1. Register: Register at and fill out the form.
  2. Select an MSP: In order to monitor your accounts, you must select an MSP. We offer two types of Central Stations; one that bills for our monthly services and one that does not bill for our services (and we’ll bill the dealer directly).
  • Note: In selecting an MSP that does not bill for Numera services directly, you will have to fill out our credit card authorization form and sign an online reseller’s agreement.
  1. Attend Dealer Training: Next, you’ll receive a link to sign up for free training! Trainings are typically 90 minutes and are held every Wednesday and Thursday.

That’s It! After you have completed your training, we will verify your organization is set up with an approved MSP. This is where you will be provided login credentials to the Numera dealer portal. Please allow 1-2 business days after training to receive your login information. Note: The entire process may take 1-2 weeks, so please allow adequate time for on-boarding.

Help your customers take charge of their health by selling Numera Libris 2 mPERS today!

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