Matt | April 20, 2020

Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

The Numera® Libris® 2 MPERS offers the industry’s best mobile personal emergency response system with the most accurate fall detection and location services built in. Using the information from various advanced fall algorithm technologies, the Libris 2 pendant enables monitoring operators, responders, and caregivers to know what type of help is needed so they can administer it faster.

But, there’s even more to recommend in these mobile safety devices. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions below in order to give you the information you need on MPERS, the benefits of using Libris 2 devices, and how the product can ultimately make a senior MPERS user feel safer and more secure in the comfort of their home.

What is an MPERS device and how does it work?
A Mobile Personal Emergency Response System, or MPERS, is a small, lightweight pendant that users can wear around their neck, wrist or on a belt. It works by using a powerful combination of the latest technologies allowing the wearer to have two-way voice communication directly through the pendant. An MPERS device also has the ability to automatically alert an operator along with their GPS location when an emergency occurs such as a fall, heart attack, stroke or home burglary.

How can caregivers receive notifications from loved ones using an MPERS device?
To help put a family’s mind at ease, an MPERS device provides the peace-of-mind knowing a loved one can get help 24/7. With MPERS, a senior is able to quickly communicate with a live, well-trained operator who can take the appropriate action based on the situation. The Everthere™ portal also allows caregivers the ability to log in and get device and location information.

Is the Libris 2 MPERS easy to use?
Operating the device is simplified with one-button operation, or through the automatic call feature without the need to press a button. Besides being easy to charge with its 48-hour rechargeable battery, it is simple to set up right out of the box. And, it features an integrated loudspeaker and microphone that eases voice contact.

Can MPERS alert first responders even if the person is unable to speak or is too far from the system base station?
There are circumstances that prevent a person from communicating verbally. The MPERS is able to transmit an alarm even if the operator cannot speak directly to the wearer, they still can immediately notify the right first responder agencies. Plus, MPERS features integrated GPS technology so the wearer can be located as necessary.

What if the MPERS user lives in a more remote area, will they still be able to get emergency help?
The mobile connectivity aspect of an MPERS device means a senior or someone who lives alone has access to help virtually anywhere. Using the same, reliable 4G LTE cellular service you rely on with your smartphone, MPERS connectivity coverage is nationwide. Fully-staffed response centers are available to dispatch help no matter where a person is located – they are always connected in case of an emergency.

How does the Libris 2 MPERS enable seniors to age in place?
The Numera Libris 2 personal emergency response and health monitoring device is designed to assist seniors and others to age-in-place. With features that include fall detection, GPS, emergency alerts with 2-way voice capabilities and remote monitoring 24/7, seniors can stay in their homes and not at a nursing home facility. In addition, the health and wellness of these seniors can be checked by monitoring stations, managed care facilities, and caregivers through remote portals, which provide device status and geo-location. This functionality enables seniors to enjoy a longer and more independent life.

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